<p class="col s12">Paragraph of text or something different inside</p>

CSS classes

Paragraphs can be given CSS classes:

  • Grid classes (as in the example above
  • Color - see HERE
  • More useful classes - see HERE
  • no-margin-top - adding the ability to remove the margin top in paragraphs placed as the first element to the <span> content block
  • separator - paragraph class that replaces the html element "horizontal rule" - <hr>. After its application, paragraph becomes a block 10 pixels high with a horizontal line 1 pixel high in white at the top. This class can be used only for paragraphs placed in content blocks - (see example 3). You can still use for paragraph the divider class derived from Materialize CSS, but such an element is hard to click to select in the Summernote (Lite) editor area, because it is only 1 pixel high (!).

Summernote Editor (also Lite version)

Moreover, paragraphs can be given style, size and color using Summernote Editor: B - bold, I - italic, U - underlined, font size, font color, placement using the Paragraph tool.