Materialize themes for Wonder CMS

Materialize Dark is the theme for Wonder CMS. You are seeing it right NOW. The theme is based on the Materialize CSS framework and this is an informative site that will explain to you HOW to use it.

⚠️ Due to the fact that the theme is not only for developers but also for common users, some more difficult issues regarding content editing need to be solidly explained.

The potential is quite big

Your creativity is the limit. Materialize Dark was created to build a Wonder CMS website of quite big complexity.

Use the Grid

Materialize Dark theme is created to use Materialize CSS Grid in it by default. Now you can easily organize your content into columns - NOT necessarily in one column (!). Read about the Grid.

Complete control

Now you can decide how the content will display on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or large computer screen. Use the special features of your computer web browser to preview the site on different screen resolutions. When editing or just viewing.

Aesthetically organized content

Responsive: images, collage of images, audio and video players, Youtube and Vimeo videos, paragarphs of text, ordered and urodered lists, tables, code blocks, preforamtted text, forms and even entire blocks of various content.

It's completely free!

Simply visit the theme page on Github and install it in your Wonder CMS. And on these pages, you will find all the information you need to manage your content effectively.


Theme seems to be compatible with following official Wonder CMS plugins:

The theme is not compatible with the following plugins:


Here is how to install the theme:

  1. Login to your Wonder CMS website.
  2. Click Settings and click Themes tab.
  3. In a field Custom module at the bottom of the Settings modal paste the path: and click the Add button.
  4. Click Settings to reopen the panel, than Themes tab, find the theme on the list and click Install.
  5. Click Settings to reopen the panel, than Themes tab, find the theme on the list and click Activate to activate the theme.


Theme is designed to use with following unofficial plugins:

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